Win “On the Record”

While most cases scheduled for a hearing actually end up actually presented to a judge, Social Security judges are allowed to approve cases based on the evidence alone.   A case approved without your having to appear to testify is said to be approved “on the record.”

Some judges are more open to on-the-record rulings than others.  Your credibility, or believability, constitutes a major factor for the judge to consider and your judge can only get a sense of how believable you are will be for him to meet you face to face at a hearing.

On the other hand, I have represented many claimants where the medical record clearly points to a finding of disability.  These are usually cases where there are:

  • MRI records
  • CT scans
  • Myelogram reports
  • other diagnostic treatment reports
  • extensive treatment records from multiple doctors all saying the same thing

If I know that your judge is open to considering making a finding on the record, I will prepare a detailed pre-hearing brief that sets out my argument and the evidence supporting your claim.

If the judge approves your case on the record, you will not have to actually attend a hearing, and your payments will be processed that much faster.