Hire Jonathan

Social Security asks for detailed information about your medical condition, your past work, and your medical records.  Our intake form helps me better understand your claim for disability.  While I cannot accept every case that I evaluate, I would be happy to review your claim at no cost or obligation.

Please download my form by clicking on the link.  When completed, please email to me at ginsberg (at) gmail.com or fax to me at 770-393-0240.   After reviewing your completed form I will call you to discuss your claim and what I might be able to do for you.

If we decide to work together, we can meet in person or over the phone and I will send you a Form 1696 (Appointment of Representative form) and a contingency fee contract.   My representation will start when we have both signed the Appointment of Representative form and the contingency fee contract.

How Much Will this Cost me?

I represent Social Security clients under a “no fee unless we win” contingency fee contract.   The contingency fee is based on my recovery of past due benefits for you.  This means exactly what it sounds like – if I do not recover a lump sum of past due benefits for you there is no fee.

My fee is the lesser of 25% of past due benefits or $6,000.  Again, there is no fee if we do not recover past due benefits and all future benefits are payable 100% to you.  Here is a link a Google hangout video call I did with attorney Tony Castelli from Cincinnati where we discussed how contingency fees work in Social Security disability cases.

The reason there are past due benefits has to do with the delays in the Social Security decision making process.  Frequently my clients file for benefits on a certain date but their hearing will not be held for 18 to 24 months.  If the judge finds that the “onset” of disability began 18, 24, 30 or more months prior to the hearing date, you are eligible to receive those past due benefits in a lump sum.  My fee comes from this lump sum.