Polycythemia Vera

How receptive are Social Security disability judges to rare diseases like Polycythemia Vera? If you have been diagnosed with PV you certainly know what it is, but for those not familiar with this disease, it is a blood disease in which the body makes too many blood cells. The excessive numbers of red blood cells make the blood thick, meaning that PV patients are at greater risk for heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. In some cases, the excessive blood cells are not fully formed, meaning that the body does not get sufficient oxygen or iron. PV may be treated with medications and it is often treated with phlebotomy (draining blood from the system).

Although there is a Social Security listing for Polycythemia Vera, the judge assigned to your case may not be familiar with the disease, its treatment, complications or vocational implications. Thus, you and your lawyer may need to educate your judge about this condition.

Because there is a listing for PV, I would start with a listing argument, but I would also prepare a functional capacity argument as well. In my limited experience with PV, my client have had to deal with PV as well as other disease issues.

The Listing Argument for Disability Arising from Polycythemia Vera

The Functional Capacity Argument for Disability Arising from Polycythemia Vera

Case studies – hearing reports from the files of Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C.

Polycythemia Vera Case Study #1 – 41 year old male with PV and another unknown disease process (coming soon)