Get Started with Ginsberg

If you would like me to evaluate your claim, I can offer you the best information if you download my Georgia Social Security new client questionnaire, fill it out as best you can, and fax the completed form to me at 770-393-0240.

If you would prefer to call, my office number is 770-393-4985.   If I am not available, you should ask to speak to my paralegal Kathy Presley, who I have trained to gather the information I will need so that our conversation can be useful for both of us.   You can also e-mail me to let me know about your case.

Here is what I look for when I decide whether to accept a case in my office:

is there a firm diagnosis regarding your medical or psychological condition?  It is okay if there are multiple diagnoses, but I find that judges like to see some level of certainty with regard to what is wrong with you

  1. do you have a steady, on-going record of medical treatment?
  2. do you have a solid job history prior to becoming disabled?
  3. is your treating doctor willing to help you with your case?
  4. does your medical or psychological condition affect your reliability on a job?
  5. is your medical record free of allegations of alcohol/drug abuse or drug seeking behavior?
  6. how old are you?  Claimants under the age of 45 do get approved, but judges are much more demanding when considering the claims of younger individuals

Finally, I have to consider whether you live in Georgia?  I do sometimes take cases out of Georgia, but I am selective about out-of-state cases.  If you live in a location that is not conducive to travel for me, I will refer you to a colleague near where you live.

Although Social Security law is federal in nature, there are often local rules and customs that apply in a particular hearing office. I have tried a large number of Georgia disability cases and I believe that my familiarity with the judges I see frequently and the practices of the Georgia Social Security Administration personnel helps make me a stronger advocate for my clients.

Obviously, not every case I take meets all of these criteria and I have won a few that meet none of them.  However, given the two to three year investment my office makes in each of our cases and the nature of a “no fee unless you win” contingency fee contract, I try to find cases where I can answer “yes” to the above questions.